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Our depth of experience puts us in a strong position for restoration projects as some of the photos will show. Restoration is a key area of our business. Alongside this, the repairs and maintenance has also been a strong area of activity on boats of all construction, ie timber, steel, aluminium, fibreglass and ferro-cement. With this background, the company is well equipped for the changing direction of NZ boatbuilding.

The majority of new boats going into the water in NZ nowadays are production or imported boats, and consequently the new boats being built in NZ are reducing in numbers compared to as recently as 25 years ago.

With this change in NZ boatbuilding activities there is now a whole raft of boats 25 years and older needing a “facelift”. The associated restoration, repair and refit work now forms the core of Lees Boatbuilders Ltd’ business.

Our facility is best placed to handle pleasure boats up to 45ft in length and up to 15 tons, undercover.

With our years of experience we are well qualified to handle all insurance work expertly and efficiently.