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Our 30 tonne undercover slipway can haul vessels up to 15.5 metres long. This slipway hauls a vessel into our shed and the doors can be closed behind to create a convenient all-weather haul-out with extensive workshop right on hand for major repairs, maintenance, or restoration work. Our second, smaller slipway is located on the outside of the workshop but is still conveniently handy to our workshop. Vessels up to 12 tonne can be hauled on this slipway.


We have a small but well-stocked chandlery on-site for convenience and can order in items that are not stocked. Anti-fouling products, fastenings, paint, zinc anodes, boatcare products and consumables are all sold.


On the end of our wharf we have a mast gantry suitable for pulling out yacht rigs on vessels up to 11 metres in length.


The Sandspit Yacht Club haul-out facility is located right next to our yard which is extremely convenient for boat owners needing maintenance or repair work on their vessels.

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